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The online Zumos Wellbeing Project has been developed in collaboration with CAMHS and is an end to end support system for your students mental health and wellbeing.

Developed in collaboration with CAMHS and endorsed as best practice for schools by HeadStart – Zumos is a unique CAMHS Kitemarked online mental health system. It delivers a broad spectrum approach to measurably building resilience and self-confidence on a daily basis, as well as giving end to end support for any child reaching a point of crisis. It also gives statistical information and reporting that enables evidence based pastoral decisions. There is no comparable system on the market.

Zumos has been endorsed as best practice for schools by HeadStart.

Zumos consists of expert written, peer reviewed, motivational support, vocal recordings, anonymously accessed by pupils, with further support information in the form of web links, helplines, suggested reading, books and videos linked to your own schools support resources. It is also a resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing building tool delivered daily that measures the change affected within your students. Your school is able to see statistical information on what pupils are accessing and all information is fully controlled by the school. Our business model is to make Zumos free at the point of delivery so we assist schools in find funding.

What are the benefits?

  • Zumos is a broad spectrum, whole school approach to measurably improving wellbeing across your entire school population.
  • Zumos measurably improves resilience and self confidence on a daily basis.
    Zumos offers end to end support for any child reaching a point of crisis 24/7 and is accessed anonymously in Secondary schools.
  • Your schools can measures the impact of the intervention through recognised CAMHS approved mental health evaluations run quarterly on the system.
  • You have full control of all the information available and have a live data console to identify areas of concern to enable evidence based pastoral decisions as well monitoring the effect of your intervention.
  • Robust engagement support and monitoring processes from your Zumos team to ensure you run a successful project.
  • CAMHS identified the How to be happy curriculum as one of the most powerful tools on Zumos, a daily short recording played out loud during registration that teaches a simple mind technique on how to think positively, how to build powerful resilience and self confidence ensuring the whole school learns these powerful life skills.
  • Students can access self help vocal recordings on any issue from sexual abuse and bullying to I hate my spots. These deliver information and support and mainly the next steps on how to deal with that problem. They are also fully surrounded by the right information on how to move forward through weblinks, helpline, reading material, video support and what the school wants them to do. so there is no misinformation through googling.
  • + many more features including Mindfullness, CBM games, campaigns, EFA, wellbeing campaigns, Life Book diary, Videos etc.

Zumos Wellbeing Main Features:

How to be Happy


Chill room

Worry Box

Power Quiz

Live data

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A Short Intro to Zumos

Zumos Primary School Webinar

Zumos Primary School Webinar

Zumos Secondary School Webinar

“Zumos offers IAG (information advice and guidance) from an holistic perspective much more detailed and far more advanced than normal IAG services”