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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey to provide the best staff absence insurance policies. Schools UK is proud to welcome AXA as our new underwriter. This exciting partnership is set to enhance our offerings with faster claim payments, fewer restrictions on cover, and the backing of an A-rated insurer.


Enhanced Staff Absence Insurance Benefits with AXA

Our collaboration with AXA brings several advantages to our valued clients:

  • Faster Claim Payments: AXA’s streamlined processes ensure that claim payments are quicker, reducing the waiting time for schools and allowing them to manage their operations more efficiently.
  • Fewer Restrictions on Cover: With fewer limitations on what is covered, our clients can enjoy more comprehensive protection tailored to their specific needs.
  • A-Rated Insurer: Partnering with an A-rated insurer like AXA means our clients benefit from the financial strength and reliability of one of the world’s leading insurance companies.

Why Choose Schools UK for Staff Absence Insurance?

Schools UK has always been committed to providing high-quality staff absence insurance solutions tailored for the educational sector. Our focus on customer service, ethical business practices, and efficiency aligns perfectly with AXA’s reputation for excellence.

Our staff absence insurance is designed to support school administrators, headteachers, and educators in maintaining smooth operations even when facing staff shortages. With AXA on board, we are better equipped to offer superior staff absence policies that meet the evolving needs of schools across the UK.

Staff Absence Insurance Key Benefits

  • Quick, Simple & Reliable Claims Processing: Enjoy peace of mind with our faster and more reliable claims processing, now enhanced by AXA’s expertise.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Experience fewer restrictions and more extensive coverage options tailored specifically for educational institutions.
  • Premium Wellbeing: Our plans now include premium wellbeing support for all staff, close family members, and governors, ensuring a holistic approach to health and wellness within your school community.
  • Top-Rated Insurer: Benefit from the security of an A-rated insurer, providing stability and confidence in our insurance solutions.

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