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Schools UK have developed a 5in1 Combined Staff Absence Insurance and Claims Management Policy

Schools UK have developed a 5 in1 Combined Staff Absence Insurance and Claims Management Policy which reduces costs to Trusts and Multi-Academies for services which currently hinder the budget. We are constantly aware of the restrictions on the budget and the need to cost save wherever possible whilst not hindering vital service needs. We have established that Occupational Health together with HR & Employment can be a burden on the budget if these services are contractually purchased in the private sector. With this in mind coupled and with the need to reduce Staff Absence within the Academies we have assured ‘Budget Certainty’ and incorporated these services within our overall product at no extra cost.

Schools UK are working closely with Trusts and Multi-Academies to tailor a scheme for their specific needs at a competitive price. We also offer a healthy discount for group business which the Trust or Multi-Academy can negotiate with us directly for the benefit of their members.