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Bespoke Staff Absence Management System

Schools UK have an easy to use Staff Absence Management system that's free to use for all clients

Based on feedback from our clients on how we can improve the service and task of keeping on top of your staff absence insurance policy, Schools UK have created a bespoke claims management system that is a first in the industry!

Having taken over 2 years to design, create and complete, our bespoke claims management system allows each of our Schools and Academies to view every aspect of their policy, whilst ensuring that the management of your school absence claims is as simple and efficient as possible. Our system includes the following…

  1. Policy Details
    1. View your current FTE, daily benefits and excess periods
  2. Staff List
    1. Allowing the ability to add/edit/delete a member in real time (no admin charges!)
  3. Claims –
    1. Register claims online
    2. View the live status of every claim
    3. Upload documentation into one safe place
    4. Add comments to individual claims
    5. See settlement figures
  4. Reporting Tool
    1. Produce weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly absence reports
  5. Calendar
    1. Input your school holiday dates
  6. Documents
    1. View/download your policy document and schedule of insurance
  7. Wellbeing
    1. Access details for our wellbeing package
  8. Occupational Health
    1. Details on the process and how to access our OH facility
  9. HR & Employment Legal
    1. Access documents on all aspects of our HR cover along with details on how to contact Forbes directly

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