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Occupational Health

Schools UK assisting with their complimentary OH service

Schools UK recognise the need to support absentees wherever possible and to encourage a return to work at the earliest possibility. In some cases absentees or schools can feel that a phased return to work from an extensive absence may prejudice cover and are reluctant to cause problems where claims are concerned. Our philosophy is to assist both the school and the absentee with an independent assessment of their condition where possible to try to evaluate a realistic return date on whatever terms are initially recommended.

We are delighted to be able to offer schools full access to our Occupational Health Service (OHS) for any absenteeism covered under your insurance policy with Schools UK. This service works in exactly the same manner as any other OHS except that it is a free service. At the point that an Occupational Health Report (OHR) is required it is a simple referral service and a report with be initiated for the benefit of the school. Due to data protection we cannot see the report but will be notified of a return to work date or what action is required to assist an earlier return date. Whatever the OHR recommends will be paid for by Schools UK and this is a real saving to your school budget. Unlike our competitors our Occupational Health is not a chargeable event*.

*Occupational Health is only accessible for members of staff who are included on the insurance policy and where a valid claim has been made

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