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Our Claims Process

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Schools UK have developed a ‘push notification’ software program in order to alleviate unnecessary email trails when possessing claims. For absolute clarity and in order to avoid any confusion, the following represents an overview of our requirements when processing claims:

✓ We allow 30 days to register a claim.
✓ We DO NOT have a time stipulation when uploading supporting documentation.
✓ We DO NOT require access to absentees medical records.
✓ We simply require the medical certificates for claims (exceeding the self-certification period).
✓ We DO NOT require an Occupational Health report.
✓ We DO NOT require evidence of financial loss – by way of a ‘supply teacher’ invoice or salary adjustments.

Our claims procedure is designed to be simple and fair, rather than a stressful experience.

Our software program has been designed with Trusts and Academies in mind. We appreciate that a Trust administrator may wish to view the Academies claims performance and monitor claim trends within the Trust of schools. We believe that Schools UK offers the only software program that allows a Trust administrator to view all their academies within the Trust. You also have the option of naming all staff, covered by the policy, under the Trusts name, rather than under the individual Academy names, if preferred. Our system is designed for a greater and easier user experience.

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We have been a client with Schools UK for 5 years now, growing from a trust of 2 schools up to 14. Schools UK’s staff absence insurance policy helps to support our employee’s through their wellbeing package, whilst also helping to protect our financial budget where a staff absence occurs. Their personal level of service is fantastic, with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Stephanie Bass
Bridge Schools Multi Academy Trust.