“I am just letting you know how easy it was to access this funding when I recently needed physiotherapy. I had a course of treatment with the Bupa back care clinic who provided a therapist of great expertise.

I saved my receipts after each treatment and then returned the m to you with a claim form showing my bank account details. Very shortly after this, £200 was paid into my account towards the cost of therapy.
Thank you for the efficient and quick response.”

Katharine Primary Teacher, Bristol

“I have, in recent months, accessed your services twice. The first was to obtain a second opinion on spinal surgery, as I was unhappy with my understanding of what the surgeon had told me. Through the scheme I was able to gain a second opinion privately, whilst importantly staying with my chosen surgeon on the NHS.

Whilst waiting for the operation I was in considerable pain, and visited a chiropractor for some relief. I was both pleased and surprised at the ease and speed of obtaining reimbursement from yourselves. I sent off receipts with a claim form and within 7 days received payment.

I am grateful for the opportunity to access these services, when lack of finances may otherwise have held me back.”

Janice, Pupil Wellbeing

Co-ordinator, Manchester

““At the beginning of August, whilst exercising, I sustained a painful neck injury.  After several days of resting, the pain grew worse and worryingly I began to develop headaches.  Rather than take painkillers I decided to make an appointment at my local registered osteopath and acupuncturist.  I was aware that the Schools UK wellbeing plan covered treatment of acupuncture up to a maximum of £200.  I completed my course of treatment and decided to try and claim some money back through the wellbeing plan; I figured I had nothing to lose.  I was absolutely thrilled and amazed by how simple, efficient and effective the whole process was.  I completed a simple claim form, attached the invoice for £252 and posted the claim on 20 September.  Within a week I was notified by letter that my bank account would be credited with £200 on 1 October!  What a fantastic benefit!  I was completely relieved of my pain and remain pain free.  I would not hesitate in recommending this valuable benefit.”

Geraldine M