Occupational Health Referral

At Schools UK we provide an exclusive referral system where a claim requires an Occupational Health Report (OHR). Under normal circumstances where a claim exceeds 4 weeks our Occupational Health Department (OHD) would contact the school to discuss where appropriate the options available to you to assist an earlier return to work duties.

Our aim is to assist and fund through our scheme the cost of an OHR and whatever the reports suggests is appropriate to encourage an earlier return to work duties e.g. Therapy Sessions, Stress Counselling etc. Our OHD operate in the same manner as any other Occupational Health Company and the absentee is afforded the same confidentiality. Schools UK for both legal data protection purposes do not have access to the details appertaining to an OHR but the school will be sent a copy under the Employer/ Employee rights. We simply are advised what the recommendations of the report are or the date the absentee can return to work duties be it full time or a phased return.

We are quite happy for our Schools/Academies to have direct access to our OHD in order that you can refer absentees earlier than the 4 week threshold if needed. Details can be obtained by emailing claims@schoolsuk.com.