HR and Employment Services


Schools UK understand the need for a quality service where HR & Employment issues are concerned. Whilst many Schools/Academies have relied on the council historically this not only reduces your budget but can be frustrating. At schools UK we have seen a genuine desire to have access to a lawyer or a qualified HR consultant to deal with any issues at the outset in a professional manner. In this regard Schools UK are delighted to have teamed up with Forbes Solicitors to offer precisely the kind of service required and without the burden of a financial constraint on your budget.

Schools UK are the first in the marketplace to offer significant ‘HR & Employment Standard Coverage’ within our combined staff absence cover. The cost of our HR & Employment package provided  through Forbes Solicitors would cost a typical primary school with 30 staff members approximately £2,250 and significantly higher for secondary schools. This is extensive cover and first class service whereby you will have direct access to a qualified lawyer or HR consultant to deal with any issues covered at no extra cost.

Please click here to download the brochure outlining the coverage offered through Forbes Solicitors which is included as standard within your Combined Staff Absence quotation.

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