Academies Staff Absence Insurance

Schools UK now offer 5 in 1 cover as standard with Academy Staff Absence Insurance:

5 in 1 staff absence cover

Changing status to an Academy can be a daunting process with many financial and legal implications involved. At Schools UK we aim to ease the worry where your insurance requirements are concerned and we cover many of the aspects of cover which can be a minefield to decipher in the marketplace. As well as offering comprehensive cover in respect of your legal exposure from an industrial tribunal to a complaint about the placement of a pupil we also offer cover for Governors/Trustees and Onsite/Offsite cover for school trips. However our main strengths lie in an all encumbering Staff Absence Policy which not only caters for covering absences in the event of an accident or sickness but includes all eventualities to include maternity, paternity cover, stress, jury service etc. Click here for a full appraisal of all the benefits we offer as standard to ensure that your Academy is comprehensively covered.

We understand that once a school has transferred to Academy status that the council services which formed an integral part of the schools reliance is severed and can leave Academies exposed or having to purchase costly other services which ordinarily were taken for granted. At Schools UK we aim to take away the burden of sourcing some of these additional services by offering a full Occupational Health Service to include counselling services where required to assist an earlier return to work duties for absentees all of which are at no extra cost. In addition and to ensure that your Academy is fulfilling it’s ‘duty of care’ for staff members your cover will include a comprehensive Wellbeing Package details of which can be found by clicking here.

Schools UK believe we offers the most comprehensive overall cover within our Combined Staff Absence policy on the market. For an Academy Staff Absence Insurance Quotation simply click here.