Step 1 – Confirm you will be renewing your policy

Please confirm or decline that you will be renewing with Schools UK. We would like to know your intentions as soon as possible in order that we can process your renewal on or before your renewal date. This is particularly important if you have claims which are likely to continue after your renewal date or to secure later claims such as Maternity, planned surgery etc. You may wish to forward your documentation later whereby we may need to alter your invoice but you can revisit this page at a later date to complete Steps 2 & 3.

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Step 2 – Amend requirements (optional)

If you are renewing but need an alternative quotation then please complete the new requirements and submit and we will issue a revised terms as requested.

Click here to submit the changes to your renewal terms and we will forward a revised invoice.

Step 3 – Submit Staff List and Holiday Closure Dates

Once you are happy with the terms and are either accepting the original invoice or have requested and are happy with the revised terms then please complete the following documentation and submit.

Click here for your Staff List form to complete and submit online.
Click here for your Holiday Closure Dates form to complete and submit online.

Please note that you can submit the forms independently if required.

If you need any help, please Contact Us.