HR-and-Employment services for schools

What is Schools UK?

Schools UK is a one stop provider of vital services to schools to ensure peace of mind where cover is needed for the replacement of both teaching and non-teaching staff through accident or illness. Our overall aim is to ensure that this replacement does not burden the financial restrictions imposed on schools whilst at the same time offering on-going support to staff to prevent or reduce absences with a comprehensive wellbeing package.

Schools UK offers a broad range of products and services to the Education Sector and is expanding its products offered continually. Through our partner connections we can expand on the services offered to our schools.

5 in 1 Staff Absence Cover

Schools UK offer the best solution for Staff Absence Insurance, Claims Management and Staff Wellbeing requirements for both Academies & Schools. A solution that Guarantees Budget Certainty with an unrivalled overall level of cover at NO EXTRA COST!!! There are no hidden costs, we don’t purport to offer cover with hidden costs that can stifle your budget.

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